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Q: How does one become a member of the Vermont Law Review?

A: Please see our membership selection page.

Q: I have previously published an article with the Vermont Law Review. Can I post it on the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN)?

A: Yes, provided that the posting identifies the author, the Journal, the volume, the first page number that the article appears, and the year of the article’s publication in the journal.

Q: I recently submitted an article for publication, when can I expect to hear from someone?

A: After submitting an article for review you should receive a notification of receipt from the Senior Articles Editor within a week. If you have not received an email within a week, you may want to try again to make sure your submission was received. Once we have received an article for review, making a publication decision can take varying amounts of time depending on a number of different factors.

Q: Do you accept submissions from students at other law schools?

A. Yes, we do. However, preference is given to Vermont Law School students.