9th Annual Norman Williams Distinguished Lecture in Land Use Planning and the Law with Robert L. Liberty

Robert L. Liberty’s talk, titled “Rising to the Land Use Challenge: How Planners and Regulators Can Help Sustain Our Civilization,” will address global climate change as only one of the multiplying signs that global civilization is threatened by humans’ destruction of the natural systems that support us. “In this country many land use planners have the training, skills and knowledge to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy, to restate the necessity of the regulation of the use of land and to play a leadership role in preparing our nation and our world for the changes that we must make to sustain our civilization,” he says.

The lecture will be published in Volume 38 of the Vermont Law Review.

Mr. Robert L. Liberty


Norman Williams came to Vermont Law School in 1975, after a long and distinguished career in public service and teaching, particularly in the area of land use planning. Professor Williams played a key role in founding Vermont Law School’s Environmental Law Center.