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Staff Note: Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife—Can Environmental Litigants Regain Ground to Stand on Using the “Ecosystem Nexus” Test for Causation, Redressibility?

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Pressing environmental issues such as climate change, loss of habitat and biodiversity, overpopulation, and resource shortage involve complex adaptive systems that adhere to ecological principles.[1] While ecological observation has historically been limited to ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: Posse Comitatus—Positively Cohabitate

03.29.2015  |  Comments Off

Acts of police violence are common in today’s news. Police officers are no strangers to using violence to achieve their means.[1] In recent years, excessive police force has occurred in tandem with military-style ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: Guardians of the Nation—A Return to the Framers’ Intent for Freedom of the Press in a World of Citizen Journalism and Police Intimidation

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This student Note questions whether citizens have a First Amendment right to record police in their official capacities. This Note asserts that citizen whistleblowing increases accountability because, when police action goes unchecked, instances ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: Schedule I—Congress’s Bad Trip Gone Too Far

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Thesis: Individuals suffering from treatment resistant mood disorders deserve to have safe and immediate access to any unconventional method of treatment that produces significant results. The health and wellbeing of its citizens is a ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: “Yes, Even State Courts”: How the Controlled Substances Act Frustrates Contract Formation for Recreational Marijuana

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Colorado and Washington have implemented systems to regulate and sell marijuana.[1] Other states are following suit.[2] But the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) lingers over businesses attempting to buy and sell marijuana in those ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: The Modern Atlantis: 21st Century Solutions To A Legendary Problem

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Nations around the world are feeling the effects of climate change. The international community now accepts that climate change is spurred by human action, and the consequences of climate change will be severe.[1] ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: How the Rest Was Won: Creating a Universally Beneficial Legal Regime for Space-Based Resource Utilization

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History has demonstrated the United States’ ability to rapidly assert control over vast areas of land in a sweeping manner. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: Death of the NCAA: Eliminating Financial Aid Limitations for Student Athletes

02.19.2015  |  Comments Off

After winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship in 2014, University of Connecticut’s star player Shabazz Napier made waves when he said, “Sometimes, there’s hungry nights where I am not able to eat, ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: Autism, Bullying, and the Individuals With Disabilities Act

02.14.2015  |  Comments Off

In August of 2014, a viral trend hit social networks: the “ice bucket challenge” raised awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by challenging people to either douse themselves in ice or donate money ... Continue Reading »


Staff Note: The Evolution of Codes of Corporate Social Responsibility Into Contracts With Consumers

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This Note analyzes the code of corporate social responsibility as an implied-in-fact contract with consumers who rely on the reputations of corporations when making their purchasing decisions. Consumers and customers of corporations may ... Continue Reading »