Volume 30: Book 3



Accommodating Diversity: The Present and Future of the Law of Diversity: An Introduction
Francesco Palermo


The Attitude of Courts and Public Institutions Towards the Multicultural Reality
Manuel Carrasco Durán

Constitutional Recognition of Diversity in Canada
Colleen Sheppard

Comment on Accommodating Differences in Constitutional Law
Gil Kujovich


“United in Diversity”? Problems of State- and Nation-Building in Post-Conflict Situations: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Joseph Marko

The Difficult Acceptance of Diversity
Peter Leuprecht

International Law and the Diversity of Indigenous Peoples
Alessandro Fodella

Indigenous Peoples, Culturally Specific Rights,
and Domestic Courts: A Response to Professor Fodella
Pamela J. Stephens

The Punishment of Negationism:
The Difficult Dialogue Between Law and
Emanuela Fronza

Response to Professor Fronza’s The Punishment of Negationism
Pascale Bloch

An Essay on Professor Fronza’s Essay: Should Holocaust Denial Be Criminalized?
Linda O. Smiddy

Making “Holocaust Denial” a Crime:
Reflections on European Anti-Negationist Laws
from the Perspective of U.S. Constitutional Experience
Peter R. Teachout


The Present and Future of the Law of Diversity:
Antidiscrimination in Employment and European Law
Stefania Scarponi

Diversity and Labor Law in France
Pascale Bloch

Accommodating Differences: Discrimination and Equality
at Work in the International Labor Law
Matteo Borzaga

Why Does Form Matter? The Hybrid Governance
Structure of Makivik Corporation
Richard Janda

Responding to Professor Janda—The U.S. Experience: 
The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Regional Corporations a Form of Social Enterprise
Linda O. Smiddy


Consumer Law as an Instance of the Law of Diversity
Luisa Antoniolli

Diversity Tools in Private Relationships: A French Point of View
Cyrille Duvert

Civil Union, A Reappraisal
Greg Johnson

Why Marriage Still Matters: A Response to Professor Greg Johnson’s Essay, Civil Union, A Reappraisal
Susan B. Apel

Private Suppliers of Law: Diversity for Lawmakers
Arianna Pretto-Sakmann

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