Previous Symposia

Fall 2012 Conference on Agriculture and Food Systems 

Spring 2012 Prison Privatization: Optimizing Our Use of a Privatized Resource

Fall 2011 Constitutional Constraints on State Health Care & Privacy Regulation After Sorell v. IMS Health, Co-Hosted with the University of New Hampshire School of Law Law Review

Spring 2011 New Perspectives on Capital Punishment

2010 Corporate Creativity: the Vermont L3C & Other Developments in Social Entrepreneurship

2009 Examining Our Priorities: The Relationship Between National Security and Other Fundamental Values

2008 Climate Change and Future Generations

2007 Good for What Ails You? A Legal, Ethical, and Policy Review of State-Based Healthcare Reforms in New England

2006 Hidden Traps in the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act

2005 Vermont: Judicial Accountability

2004 Changing Tides in Ocean Management

2003 Vermont: Changing the Legal Landscape

2001 Mountain Resorts: Ecology and the Law

2000 The Environmental Effects of War


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