Masthead – Volume 7

Masthead – Volume 7

Vermont Law Review

Volume 7
Fall 1982

Editor in Chief
Nancy J. Creswell

Managing Editor
Lisa Anne St. Amand

Articles Editors
Frank H. Olmstead
Mark Righter

Head Notes Editor
Paul Silvia

Business Editors
Peter Mark Heintzelman
J. David Shaw


Note Editors
John S. Monahan
Deborah Sanford McCoy

Research Editor
Patricia D. Junger


Rick Cawley
James Carroll
Alice E. DeTora
Joy Dickstein
Mark J. Di Stefano

Michael D. Donovan
Marcia L. Hatch
Thomas M. Hoban
Louis W. Helmuth
Philip J. Landry
William D. Moore

Andrew H. Neisner
Terry L. Robertson
Byron J. Siegal
Charlotte E. Thomas
Erick E. Titrud

Faculty Advisor
Thomas Ross

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