Volume 36: Book 4

Volume 36: Book 4

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Book 4 



Vermont Law Review & University of New Hampshire Law Review Annual Symposium– Oct. 14, 2011


by John Greabe


Transcript: Sorrell v. IMS Healthand the Shift to Regulation by Payment

by Ted Ruger

Transcript: The Case for National Political(Rather Than State or Judicial) Regulation of Health Care

by Abigail R. Moncrieff

Transcript: Sorrell v. IMS Health—Any Impact on Patient Privacy?

by John Verdi

Transcript: Comments on the Original Legislationand Vermont Health Reform

by Steve Maier

Remarks: A Legislator’s Lament:When Will We Take Back Our Electronic Identities?

by Sharon Anglin Treat

Uncensored Discourse Is Not Just for Politics

by Calvin Massey

Sorrell v. IMS Health:Details, Detailing, and the Death of Privacy

by Ashutosh Bhagwat

The Dog That Did Bark:First Amendment Protection of Data Mining

by Thomas R. Julin, Jamie Z. Isani & Patricia Acosta

Sorrell v. IMS Healthand the End of the Constitutional Double Standard

by Ernest A. Young

Somebody’s Watching Me:Protecting Patient Privacy in Prescription Health Information

by Christopher R. Smith 


Association of Taxicab Operators, USA v. City of Dallas:A Possible Green Light Ahead for “Head-of-the-Line” Policies Favoring Natural Gas Vehicles

by Christian H. Pedersen


Joint Custody Presumption in Vermont: A Proposal for Co-Parenting

by Michelle A. Tarnelli



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