Masthead – Volume 43

Masthead – Volume 43

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Vermont Law Review

Volume 43


Patrick Leary

Senior Managing Editor
Allyson Moore

Senior Articles Editor
Kaelyn Barbour

Senior Notes Editor
Amy Stevens

Business Manager
Evan Baylor

Managing Editors

Hannah Clarisse
Noah Greenstein
Caitlyn Kelly

Articles Editors
Malachi Brennan
Joseph Haase
Amie Johnson
Ian Oxenham
Joseph Strain
Simonne Valcour

Head Notes Editors
Kathrine Klaus
Sasha Gainen-Truslow
Suraya Williams

Vermont Editor
Ben Civiletti

Symposium Editors
Angela Sicker
Serena Tang

Alumni Editor
Katherine Gabriel

Technology Editor
Jaime Neary

George Clause
Bomy Hwang
Dayna Spero




Cydnee Bence
Danielle Bradtmiller
Eric Brandies
Gordanna Clevenger
Jessica Doughty
Kelsey Godin
Ronald Hammond
Kimberly Johnson
David Kahn

Mahmoudy Kemal
Laura Lee
Ryan Mitchell
Adam Mittemaier
Julius Moss
Anders Newbury
Brian Nguyen
Megan Noonan
Carly Orozco
Grace Patrick

Madison Pevey
Sarah Puzzo
David Riley
Elizabeth Scheinman
Colette Schmidt
Jonathan Teller-Elsberg
Bethany Towne
Amanda Vega
Daniel Webb

Faculty Advisor
Prof. Hillary Hoffmann


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