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Vermont Law Review

Volume 45


Diarra Raymond

Senior Managing Editor
Lorentz Hansen

Senior Articles Editor
Simeon Brown

Senior Notes Editor
Heather Francis

Business Manager
Jake Evans

Managing Editors
Mary Franco
Noy Kruvi
Kijana Plenderleith

Articles Editors
Benjamin Fuller
Maddy Prokott
Michael Taddonio
Joe Coffey
Patrick Raya
Brandon Sheffert

Head Notes Editors
Heidi Guenther
Robert Baker
Ashely Monti

Vermont Editor
James Mulhall

Symposium Editors
Rico Edwards
Mariah Harrod

Alumni Editor
Calum Dixon

Technology Editor
Christopher Davis

Steve Weng




(To be announced)

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(To be announced)

Faculty Advisor
Prof. Catherine Fregosi


Submissions The Vermont Law Review continually seeks articles, commentaries, essays, and book reviews on any subject concerning recent developments in state, federal, Native American, or international law.

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