Masthead – Volume 10

Masthead – Volume 10

Vermont Law Review

Volume 10
Fall 1985

Editor in Chief
Peter Racette

Managing Editors
Geoffrey Commons
Robert William Maxwell

Articles Editor
Christine A. Doremus
Thomas J. Hall

Developments Editor
Karen A. Corti

Head Notes Editor
Richard H. Coutant


Note Editors
John W. Abbott
Stephen G. Norten
Thomas Rushford
Scott K. Seelagy

Business Manager
Linda A. Purdy


John R. Bashaw
Lauren Bowerman
William F. Ellis
Jane Gomez
George W. Kelly

Priscilla Dodakian Krikorian
Carol Marks
George A. Michak
Karen R. O’Brien
Michael C. Pratt

Rebecca Rice-Osterhoudt
Robert L. Sand
James Michael Scaramozza
Paul Schwartzberg
Charles C. Soltan

Faculty Advisor
Gil Kujovich

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