Masthead – Volume 28

Masthead – Volume 28

Vermont Law Review

Volume 28
Fall 2003


Heather M. Bonnett

Senior Managing Editor
Emily W. Wetherell

Senior Articles Editor
Valerie L. Diden

Senior Notes Editor
Christopher Nordle

Business Manager
R. Matthew Virkstis

Managing Editors
Jessica L. Cook
John T. Cooke
Seth Schofield

Articles Editors
Margaret W. Ament
Sana S. Ayubi
Parker Moore

Head Notes Editors
Andrea L. Brown
Scott Mooney
Richard S. Taylor

Vermont Editor
Colin P. Carroll

Symposium Editors
Christopher Adamo
Sara E. Baynard

Environmental Editor
Matthew Bryant

Technology Editor
Gregory Gotwald


Steve Cusick
Shera Finn-Gill
Kirsty Pickering
David W. Rugh

Catherine Donnelly
Evangelos C. Germeles
Brian Potts

Jessica Durkis
Kelly Langteau
Thomas F. Puchner
Susan Schwartzkopf


Christopher Berendt
Jamar E. Brown
James Bush
Joseph Campagna
Judith Cutler
Emilee Davenport
Edward Demetriou
Abigail Doolittle
Jennifer Drust
Joel Emlen

Kelly Green
Zachary Griefen
Peter Herbst
Jody Hodgdon
Francine N. Hyman
Heather Jarvis
Ryan Klee
Timothy Mahon
Amy Manzelli
Catherine Mauldin

Christine Popp
Jason Reimers
Jordan Schiller
Rowan Seidel
Jonathan Slomba
Darren Springer
Natalie Sullivan
Alexander Urbelis
Elizabeth Wohl
Andrea Zaccardi

Technical Assistants
Mary Aschenberg
Robin Dutcher
Laura Gillen

Faculty Advisor
J. Stephen Dycus

Business Assistants
Pauline Barnes
Susan Burns
Sally Cooper
Angie Poulin

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