Masthead – Volume 4

Masthead – Volume 4

Vermont Law Review

VolumeĀ 4
Fall 1979

Editor in Chief
C. Robert Manby, Jr.

Managing Editor
Craig Weatherly

Articles Editors
Linda O. Smiddy
William T. Koch, Jr.

Business Manager
John P. Bentley

Note Editors
Thomas K. Clancy
James W. Coffrin
Gail H. Nichols
Ronald A. Westgate, Jr.

Book Review Editor
Nancy G. Sheahan


Anita Bower
William O. Chase
Thomas K. Clancy
Kenneth Clarke
James W. Coffrin
Michael Collins
Thomas N. Cooper
David N. Dunn
Robert E. Fletcher, Jr.
Daniel F. Grossman

Shelley A. Hill
Andrew M. Jackson
Conrad O. Kattner
Michael L. Kessler
Philip Maier
Daniel G. Murphy
Gail H. Nichols
Susan Milner Parker
Susanne Richardson

Leonard Ross
John P. Sahl
Richard Savino
Albert E. Scherr IV
Alice Schierberl
Pamela H. Silverstein
James D. Smiddy
Ronald A. Westgate, Jr.
Davidson D. Williams
Peter H. Zamore

Faculty Advisor
Peter R. Teachout

Nina L. Thomas

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