Masthead – Volume 19

Masthead – Volume 19

Vermont Law Review

Volume 19
Fall 1994

 Editor in Chief
Bradley David Wine

Managing Editors
Melissa Crawford
Karls Lynn North

Senior Articles Editor
Robert Douglas Ward

Head Notes Editors
Joan W. Dalbey Donahue
Anne-Marie Leath Storey

Environmental Editor
Gina M. Godfrey

Vermont Editor
Alexander D. Shriver

Business Manager
Marc F. Holzapfel

Associate Articles Editors
Edward J. Messina
Karen M. Willis

Note Editors

Deirdre-erin Alton
Peter H. Cooper
Donna S. Fitzgerald
Tom S. Hanson

Thomas F. Irwin
Tamara R. Lindau
Joseph S. McLean
Susan L. Meyer
Christine Moeling Morgan

Jennifer B. Kitchell Reining
Jacob B. Perkinson
Kirk Llywelyn Williams
Joe Geoffrey Wood


Jennifer Anderson
Greg Beber
Annemarie Brennan
Katherine Clark
Charles S. Conerly
Jennifer Sue Deck
Cassandra S. Edson
William Scott Fewell
Mark Feigl
T. David Gillespie

Christopher T. Glass
A. Morgan Goodson
Douglas Gould
Seth Handy
Kathryn L. Link
Carla D. Macaluso
Kirk F. Marty
Peter E. Montgomery
James L. Mulligan
Catherine Nelligan Norman

Thomas C. Picher
Rebecca Suzanne Purdom
Rowland Richards
Mollie D. Roth
Sabrina Seal
Tanja Shipman
Aaron H. Simpson
Maggie Vincent
Richard Walsh
Holly Wheeler

Faculty Advisor
Professor Peter R. Teachout

Laura Gillen

Technical Assistant
Mary Aschenberg

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