Vermont Law Review Blog

Vermont Law Review Blog

The Vermont Law Review Blog (VLRB) was established in Fall 2020. Through this blog, Vermont Law Review aims to stay involved with current social and political developments and educate the public by giving a legal perspective on the issues. 

The content on the VLRB does not go through the same rigorous editing process as the published articles in Vermont Law Review’s official Volume. The VLRB is much more casual in nature and aims to cover a wide range of topics and showcase a variety of perspectives. 

The views and opinions expressed in the VLRB are those of the authors. These do not reflect the official views and opinions of Vermont Law Review. Any content provided by the authors is the author’s opinion. The VLRB does not offer any legal advice. Additionally, the authors are not providing information to advertise, solicit, or establish any attorney-client relationships. 

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