Masthead – Volume 26

Masthead – Volume 26

Vermont Law Review

Volume 26
Fall 2001


Alexander R. Arpad

Senior Managing Editor
Lewis M. Csedrik

Business Manager
Shannon T. Waldron

Senior Notes Editor
Brian W. Matula

Managing Editors
Christopher T. Albert
Elijah D. Emerson
Raymond H. Tomlinson, Jr.

Articles Editor
Amanda S. Farrell

Head Notes Editors
Courtney L. Lockwood
Aaron G. Moody
Emily Stone

Symposium Editors
Jennifer A. Feeley
Kara Sweeney

Associate Articles Editors
Holly Chapman
Pamela Gatos

Vermont Editor
Ashley W. Taylor

Technology Editor
Jamie T. Gallagher


Environmental Editor
Peter Simon Gould


Adam Chambers
Danae Dwyer
Catherine Richmond

Hope Sanders
Dustin C. Sarnoski
Kristen Sheils
Marjorie Stinchcombe

Steven Sultan
Chandler C. Tyson
Imogen Ulrich


Lilian Abboud
Samara D. Anderson
Ian Bartrum
Rebecca Boucher
Leslie L. Campbell
Scott D. Clausen
Robert Corbisier
David D’Eramo
Patrick Dowling, Jr.
Corene C. Ford

Clara Gimenez
Daniel Greene
Mlchelle Gulley
Geoffrey H. Hand
Kristen D. Heinzerling
Gillian Holowisky
Anthony L. Iarrapino
Jesica Kraus
Rebecca Lewandoski
Lori A. Lookliss

Lorin E. Parker
Mary Jo Poulson-Small
Daniel Richardson
Anthony Rospert
Rebecca L. Smith
Shari R. Sobel
Shelly D. Stokes
Michelle Walker
Joslyn Wilschek
Cherilyn M. Zavatsky

Technical Assistants
Mary Aschenberg
Laura Gillen

Faculty Advisor
J. Stephen Dycus

Business Assistants
Pauline Barnes
Susan Burns
Sally Cooper
Angie Poulin

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