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  • On the Absurdity of Model Rule 1.9

    Michael D. Cicchini I recently considered writing a law review article about the legal issues in a former client’s criminal case. The article would have discussed only public information from pleadings, trial-court transcripts, and the published appellate court decision. In addition to being public in nature, all of this information was (and is) easily accessible by […]READ FULL ARTICLE


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  • Storms Ahead: Climate Change Adaption Calls for Resilient Funding

    Janet E. Milne The challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions have dominated international negotiations and national debates about climate change, often leaving the issue of adaptation to climate change in the shadows. The focus on mitigation is understandable, given the urgent need to take measures now to avoid greater future damage coupled with the fact that […]READ FULL ARTICLE

10th Annual Norman Williams Lecture in Land Use Planning and the Law

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