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FEATURED ARTICLE: 15th Annual Symposium – September 25, 2015

  • Keynote Address

    Marcos Orellana Thank you Stephanie for that kind welcome. It is a real honor and pleasure for me to be here today with all of you, breathing the fresh air of a cool morning in Vermont. I thought I should start this keynote presentation by suggesting that for a minute we look at ourselves from the perspective of how future generations […]READ FULL ARTICLE

Symposium Article


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Symposium Article

  • Managing Unconventional Oil and Gas Development As If Communities Mattered

    Mark Squillace Over the past decade, unconventional oil and gas plays have revolutionized the domestic oil and gas industry. Oil and gas are, of course, finite natural resources. They can be developed only so long as they can feasibly and economically be extracted from the ground. Not so long ago, many experts predicted that the world had reached or would […]READ FULL ARTICLE

Symposium Article

Note Competition Runner-Up

Symposium Article

  • Banning Metal Mining in Guatemala

    Raquel Aldana & Randall S. Abate Metal mining is not big business in Guatemala. It generates less than one percent of the country’s gross national product and employs less than one percent of the official workforce in the country. The metal mining industry has also been in decline since 2012, and a significant subpart of the industry will disappear completely […]READ FULL ARTICLE

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